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Axton Question (Archived)Ramjob19/17/2012
Who wants to play right when the game unlocks? (Archived)drewh69/17/2012
looking for 3 people to play with when this releases tonight. (Archived)gun_weilder528109/17/2012
Need a Gunzerker for Midnight (Archived)HottAsFire49/17/2012
How is everyone prepping for the game? (Archived)
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worth getting if playing alone? (Archived)spec068849/17/2012
I need someone to play this with in 2 and a half hours (Archived)SpizMackk79/17/2012
Fan of Borderlands passes away, Gearbox memorializes him in Borderlands 2. (Archived)
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Looking for some people to play this with! (Archived)KromaticStatic39/17/2012
Use a VPN to unlock once or... (Archived)ArcXenos69/17/2012
blah i don't want to wait for gamestop at midnight (Archived)iimthomas39/17/2012
is multiplayer cross compatible (Archived)popnkorn29/17/2012
Do levels scale in multiplayer>? (Archived)krismagus59/17/2012
Borderlands 2 - Four pack - Now, not later. (Steam) (Archived)
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Leaked Gameplay!! (Archived)SoldierXCell89/17/2012
I'm concerned about the prospect of a BL3 (Archived)TakaRai759/17/2012
I said are. You. Readyyyyyyyyyy??? (Archived)XlYesterdaYlX109/17/2012
Grr... so mad at GMG right now. (Archived)Hadokenzero1159/17/2012
Thank god for class break. (Archived)Bitentili39/17/2012
Steam Unlocks - Play @ 9pm PDT, 10pm MDT, 11pm CDT, 12am EDT (Archived)
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