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Does GMG email you when they have your serial ready? (Archived)
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Live stream post-release day (Archived)legend25319/16/2012
Any legal way to pay to play it early online yet? (Archived)
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I gotta say, the lack of gun variety is disappointing :/ (Archived)
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The intro music (Archived)
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anyone else get the green man gaming deal? (Archived)sirwilliam0101109/16/2012
How long until AMD updates their drivers for the game? (Poll)
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My friend and I are looking for two more players for the release. (Archived)agentjonny257989/16/2012
Any way to play it ? (Archived)sirspankyjnco49/16/2012
Can anyone confirm the actual size of the game? (Archived)caramel_cod49/16/2012
Which Character is going to be your main? (Poll)
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Will this game be more graphic intensive then skyrim? (Archived)Blueandwhite8779/16/2012
Which two main weapon types will you use in Borderlands 2? (Poll)
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Looking to expand my friends list. (Archived)RedemptionBlue59/16/2012
How large is the world? (Archived)xsabrewulf99/16/2012
Steam Preload available now (Archived)
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this is terrible, i don't feel like playing any game except BL2 (Archived)
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Will you play online or single player first ? (Archived)dEv7FiR69/16/2012