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Anyone know if theres still one raid boss like the first game or is there more? (Archived)
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How well will i be able to run this game? (know the req's, but nooby with specs) (Archived)GusTA201079/17/2012
Any way to salvage this 6 yr old hunk-a-junk? (Archived)
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what are my odds at maxing out this puppy? (Archived)Maleku39/17/2012
Some guys at NewEgg did some gameplay on Borderlands 2 PhysX (Archived)
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So how many cheaters will this game have? (Archived)
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So what new core features are there? (Archived)UltraCookie89/17/2012
Do we know what DLC the season pass gets us yet? (Archived)
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Will my old computer run this (sorry) (Archived)Exile7118629/17/2012
I've been out of the loop these last few weeks, any videos to catch up on? (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band39/17/2012
zero-can you buy diffrent swords that have different looks ? (Archived)badger50049/17/2012
Is there a option to turn the physx on low? (Archived)
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Best place to order digital key? (Archived)
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New to steam friends wanted (Archived)Deathtrance109/16/2012
Eyefintiy? (Archived)NinjaAssassinx29/16/2012
Question about my graphics card. (Archived)
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C/D: Lilith should be the mascot instead of that guy with the gas mask (Archived)
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Wonderin if i can run this (Archived)The_Barroth29/16/2012
Going to be playing Maya, anything specific I should know? (Archived)teh_hellspawn29/16/2012
Anyone else seeing steam say 9/17 rather than 9/18? (Archived)Hammerhead646879/16/2012