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When does the game launch in PST? (Archived)SecretCrowds29/15/2012
Should I sell my week old 7950 just for this game? (Archived)
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Anyone else buy from GMG and been able to activate the game yet? (Archived)
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Can you have a friends list for this game on steam like consoles? If so how? (Archived)Blueandwhite8779/15/2012
critical hit concerns (Archived)O_pet59/15/2012
Can I max this game? Serious question no humorous junk. (Archived)
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What new thing are you most excited about? (Archived)
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Never played Bordelands 1, but am getting this free with a new PC purchase (Archived)
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gmg keys are going to be out by today or tomorrow i'm assuming (Archived)
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So do we get something for having a BL1 save? (Archived)AbsolutelyAlex69/15/2012
Move save data between computers? (Archived)zombie_staburr39/14/2012
How long after release will the Mechromancer be released? (Archived)UltraCookie29/14/2012
Can someone tell me more about the GMG deal? (Archived)
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Was just linked to a video of the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition being unboxed. (Archived)eco master99/14/2012
I think I have made a mistake advice needed. (Archived)Blueandwhite8769/14/2012
never preloaded before (Archived)Viking_Cupcake89/14/2012
Anyone up for some borderlands 2 on steam? (Archived)
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anyway to play early (Archived)neo_one356639/14/2012
Any good deals besides green man gaming? (Archived)txlion29/14/2012