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Is there going to be a non steam version like the first game. (Archived)
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Wonder if you can run it? (Archived)zefig99/12/2012
Getting new laptop (Archived)klusps69/12/2012
Question about voice chat (Archived)CHEEEESEMAN49/12/2012
Six more days. (Archived)TheRMisterDerp99/12/2012
Don't have a headset can I textcht in game with random players? (Archived)Blueandwhite8789/12/2012
Can my laptop run this? Debating on console or pc (Archived)pwneryou89/12/2012
Bought first one for ps3 buying this on pc now I got a question. (Archived)Blueandwhite8739/12/2012
what's going to separate a robo summoner, from a turret one? (Archived)acdimps49/12/2012
Worried about system requirements (Archived)UmaKami59/12/2012
Estimated date we can install on Steam? (Archived)booyaka61929/12/2012
Can I run it?!?! (Archived)danglylife39/12/2012
How long did it take for local co-op to get hacked into the first game? (Archived)Dodgeball Boy89/12/2012
If I buy a physical copy will it play through steam? (Archived)ShikariSLD109/12/2012
Help please, I have a question about the DLC. Still new at this. (Archived)vaynark59/12/2012
Will I be able to make this game with physx? (Archived)
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For those who have bought from GMG before... (Archived)
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Anyone interested in a Borderlands 2 Season pass? (Archived)Sayishereagain29/11/2012
Borderlands 1 Steam code for basically free (Archived)easye60919/11/2012
I hear people saying this game will have day 1 DLC. (Archived)
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