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I have an idea for us AMD card users. (Archived)
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Major Question bout Physx and AMD (Archived)
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Did I make the right choice getting this on pc over my Xbox 369 specs inside. (Archived)Blueandwhite8799/15/2012
If I buy the four pack if gift it to four friends... (Archived)krismagus69/15/2012
It's so hard seeing that Icon on my desktop (Archived)N00B200019/15/2012
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Preloading is now done! (Archived)
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When does the game launch in PST? (Archived)SecretCrowds29/15/2012
Should I sell my week old 7950 just for this game? (Archived)
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Anyone else buy from GMG and been able to activate the game yet? (Archived)
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Can you have a friends list for this game on steam like consoles? If so how? (Archived)Blueandwhite8779/15/2012
critical hit concerns (Archived)O_pet59/15/2012