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Best $1.50 I ever spent. (Archived)ghost80813/20 6:08AM
Question about this games size (Archived)pokefan36118/17/2014
Mighty Switch Force! 2 just announced (Archived)DarkstarRipclaw32/25/2013
Mega Rat, et al - How are jumps compared to straight running? (Archived)
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my mighty switch force records. (Archived)bemo8167211/10/2012
Might Switch Force Not Worth It. (Archived)
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Who wants to do a Mighty Switch Force challenge with me? (Archived)Mega_Rat710/12/2012
mighty switch force HD level ideas (Archived)bemo816728/7/2012
Mighty Switch Force HD announced (Wii U) (Archived)Blaze62787/13/2012
Which of the 3 'Mighty' games would you say is the best and why? (Archived)MegaForest37/7/2012
No new unlockables with the DLC? (Archived)
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All Mighty Switch Force players, put your records on this website! (Archived)Mega_Rat56/6/2012
Dang, these new MSF levels sure are confusing. O_o (Archived)Mega_Rat55/30/2012
Any tips for Bonus 2 and 4? (Archived)
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Mighty Switch Force + DLC Videos To Get Those Par Times! :D (Archived)Mega_Rat15/29/2012
WayForward is becoming one of my favorite devs... <_< (Archived)Purugly85/27/2012
This game is garbage (Archived)
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How and when do you get Mighty Buster? (Archived)90sRetroGaming35/27/2012
New MSF Records + DLC Levels! (Archived)
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extra levels - where do they appear? (Archived)med08835/26/2012
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