Any news of a 3rd season?

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User Info: DreamorDie

5 years ago#1
On Christmas Day the 2nd recap episode comes out for Sennen Makyou to end off the season, and the director mentioned a few months back that this season would adapt up to the end of the Kyoto arc, so does anyone know if they have announced season 3 yet? I'm really hoping they keep Nurarihyon going, it's better than a majority of shonen that are ongoing right now and I think it has great potential.
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User Info: Juqe

5 years ago#2
I haven't heard anything about it but I'd like a 3rd season as well.

User Info: Shozun

5 years ago#3
Since the manga is still ongoing and DEEN followed the manga mostly despite changing and adding few parts, especially on the ending. It'll highly likely have a third season, especially given the fact the anime was apparently praised extremely well.(So I assume it had good sales as well) Hope this helps~!F_Neverland_Wiki

User Info: Juqe

5 years ago#4
What did they change?

User Info: ShinobiMuramasa

5 years ago#5
Juqe posted...
What did they change?

A lot of things between the anime and manga are different. If you haven't read the manga I highly suggest you do because the anime is more of a summary of the manga than anything else.
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