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Is this a remake of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice PS3? (Archived)Great-BoBaFeTT32/21 6:28PM
Worth buying a Vita for? (Archived)Tequila_Shot32/17 6:12AM
Item World Question... (Archived)deleeuw32/9 8:04PM
Need help for the Commando trophy (Archived)Faxanamcommando41/26 5:09AM
I had a weird idea, anyone try this? (Archived)mysteryshadow541/19 8:12AM
sorry, yet another team question. (Archived)EvilZero21/18 12:51AM
learning spells not available through trainer (Archived)mysteryshadow521/16 2:00PM
As if I have enough reason to stop playing D4: A Promise Revisited already... (Archived)NeoRyujinZ21/2 6:46AM
Did they tone down the damage? (Archived)RPGfreek112/27 4:23AM
Enemy levels in bonus content. (Archived)Sans Pants212/21 8:27PM
Is there any evility that allows characters to fly? (Archived)slidingman412/21 2:51PM
Too many DLC characters (Archived)Chaos_09312/18 10:10PM
Change character and follower in base? (Archived)ZelosBoroboro212/13 1:23PM
What is the skill between Swift Justice and Bane Rose? (Archived)bunnyjones212/13 1:22PM
What's the best class for throwing? (Archived)Aeroga_v2212/13 12:47PM
Really on the fence about this... (Archived)DemonYusuke211/27 12:18PM
Help with Raspberyl Mission? (Archived)PokemonVeteran411/24 10:06AM
Hardcore Gamer trophy not popping up? (Archived)SvartNimbus211/8 4:04PM
Class World CA & the guide with Magic Knights (Archived)BlackRoseD110/23 9:29PM
Basic questions (classes, weapons, suggestions) (Archived)kizuxtheo210/23 7:19AM
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