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on a Disgaea kick, should I grab this? (Archived)
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How some nobody ever told me this game is so good? holding you all responsible.. (Archived)mt830plus73/4/2013
Good idea to use cheat earlly? (Archived)sk8forlife1023/3/2013
Near Functionality (Archived)frostybroc13/3/2013
Name any game better than this one thats a fact and not an opinion. (Archived)
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Item World, vs story (Archived)Riggedride63/1/2013
100% completion help (Archived)emmermonster42/27/2013
Class choice advice (Archived)Rogu_Dingo22/26/2013
Difference between R1 and R3 copy? (Archived)jansuke32/25/2013
So... Coming back to the game... forgot what to do *postgame spoils* (Archived)me81322/22/2013
Raspberyl mode and other Alternate Universe stories (Archived)tman777622/22/2013
How should I build my team? (Archived)CrazyFunkyMasao72/21/2013
Thinking about getting this, but a few questions first! (Archived)
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So, help me clear up a few things about the post game... (Archived)MEGAsoldier22/18/2013
If I already started a game, can I still get the parallel worlder? (Archived)Skyscraper10122/18/2013
completely new to Disgaea series... questio (Archived)jackg211342/18/2013
any good lvlng spot? (Archived)mrchips42732/18/2013
Help with Class World (Archived)2ylyt32/18/2013
How do u get flonne,etna? (Archived)Someperson9222/18/2013
I just heard the strangest thing (Archived)amazingwilly32/17/2013
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