Endings! (Spoilers)

#1pspoweryeahPosted 5/22/2012 9:14:46 AM
Who else really enjoyed the story here? The part when Mor dies and Aliaster's sister's head comes off were a total shock to me. I was like "OH SNAP!" in real life. Took me by surprise, that Song of ice and fire! Lol. I felt a little cheated when they brought back Mor but he's my homie so it was ok. Then you find out your best friend helped killed you wife and daughter? (Especially heading the daughter scream..) was messe up. I understand why he did it, but sorry had to side with Mor's and kill him.

Overall I really loved the story. As a huge fan of the books, I was drawn in. Chapter 11 and the ending were shining examples of storytelling in games. Dark and unexpected. Loved it.
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#202phelandPosted 5/22/2012 9:39:44 AM
Since you sided with Mors can you explain what happened in his ending, and anyone else tell me what happens with the other choices you can make

I went Alister's path then gave the queen the baby so I could re claim my title and land.
It then skips to an almost empty throne room in riverspring with Alister depressed listening to the problems that are still left in the region, It then shows him looking sad by a fire with a hangmans noose tied and ready.
#3pspoweryeah(Topic Creator)Posted 5/22/2012 1:11:04 PM
Mor takes the baby, left the wall, and the nightwatch hunts me down. =(
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#4Blitzkrieg182Posted 5/22/2012 8:35:22 PM
mors defeats alister, gives baby to varyn who without a hood on, is bald and monk like. says he will bring the baby to the "EAST".

Mors returns to castle black and walks up staircase all slow like while the Night Watch commander is giving a speech about deserters. Patrick is about to get his head chopped off.

Mors reaches top of stairs and commander says "mors you're alive?" mors is all cut up and pissed off looking. He says " No" And i few more lines about following orders, loyalty, and "everyone dies so get over it already" (cant remember exact line" and with that line cuts off patricks head with a 2 handed axe all grim reaper looking.

cant believe i didnt get an extra cheevo for playing on hard. game was easy after chapt 7
#5dlindenb2000Posted 5/23/2012 4:18:58 AM
I liked how The Spider wins in all 5 endings. But Mors Night Watch was my favorite one. Dark and grim, but just enough satisfaction as well. And it's the only one where someone ends the tale, exactly where they were at the beginning. Figure if any are canon, it's that one.
#6mandaloretasticPosted 5/24/2012 4:37:23 AM
I got the deserter ending. I thought mors was going to do the start thing and... You know leave westeros like he said. Either way, he'll destroy the attackers.

For the lose the final battle... Which battle are they talking about? The one where your surrounded or valarr? Or the duel? Honestly... With any I would have to turn it up to hard to die without trying.

But omg... The story in this game was awesome.. It just was sweet. Gameplay got better as you leveled up.. But the story is what carried it.
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#7giocarePosted 5/25/2012 4:32:04 PM
I was surprised they didn't give you the choice to spare Alester. Not that I would have.
#8zeroflamecutterPosted 5/27/2012 11:30:46 AM
It really struck me how none of the endings are happy. They really did stick to the fashion in which George writes his stories..

In the two Mors' endings, he does make it out alive, but... In the one where he returns to Castle Black, you can really see how weathered and worn he is. You can really hear the anger and the bitterness in his voice; him basically telling the new recruitments that they are screwed and should just give up now really showed that. At this point, he really has no reason to live, other than to fulfill. his vows In the other, he'll be chased around for the rest of his life, never getting any peace.... Eventually, he's going to die at the hands of his brothers, one way or another.

Alester, on the other hand? If you choose the honorable choice out of the two (giving the baby to Varys out of respect for Mors), Alester just ends up getting killed by the guards. If you let Cersei kill the baby, Alester does get his land and title back, but at a great cost. His land is ravaged and the population there is at an all time low. All of his family is dead, and he had to kill his best friend with his own hands. Understandably, he is really depressed about how things has turned out, and with no one around who can understand him (Harwyn obviously doesn't), the only thing respite left for him is a possible suicide...

With Alester definitely dying in one ending (and possibly committing suicide in the other), and Mors ending up (pretty much) dead inside and having an eventual death sentence in the other, neither of them end up well. Really, only 1 out of the four endings even has a slight chance for the character to come out with a relatively positive outcome.
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#9zeroflamecutterPosted 5/27/2012 11:32:02 AM
But yeah, I agree that if any of the four was canon, it would be the one where Mors returns to the Wall.
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#10No_MegaPosted 5/29/2012 7:52:09 AM
Starting around chapter 9, the story really ramps up. I thoroughly enjoyed the endings. High stakes and a believable conflict. No easy moral judgement and an uncompromising ending. Bioware would do well to learn a few things from this.