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Is this game decent for a rental? (Archived)samithon50366/5/2012
Alistair - Crypt - Need Help (Spoilers) (Archived)Darth Venger56/4/2012
Poll: Is Tyrion better in the books or the show? SPOILERS (Archived)ozbrithian106/2/2012
Which houses play a major role in this game? (Archived)Quentyn_Martell26/1/2012
What would be your best spread of stats on a landed knight? (Archived)cjgoku36/1/2012
Chapter 7 problems (Archived)jdcflexx200566/1/2012
Statuette in chapter 5 (Archived)MikeTastiK015/31/2012
I need help with getting the "Silent as a shadow" achievement . *Spoilers* (Archived)Tantalus_65/30/2012
Endless Watch/New Blood Glitched? (Archived)SuperGamerGeek35/29/2012
would you say this is canon to game of thrones? (Archived)MonkeyMaster00765/29/2012
level cap? (Archived)DomBomb135/28/2012
Its based on the book, not the series. (Archived)
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The Red Comet is flying over King's Landing! (Archived)ozbrithian35/27/2012
How a good game can change to a very, very frustrating game. (Archived)
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An honest review from someone who finished the game (Archived)darkness101885/26/2012
Alester is Mel Gibson (Archived)Nimniac55/25/2012
Which characters from the series are actually featured in the game? (Archived)KingInTheNorth45/24/2012
Could somebody please spoil the story/endings for me? [Spoilers] (Archived)
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alistair puzles (Archived)night99935/24/2012
How the hell are you supposed to afford weapons? (Archived)
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