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Worth it? (Archived)Juddy415/18/2012
Is the original version french or english? (Archived)hijokaiden25/18/2012
OMG the door just slips trough my character!!! Unplayable I tell you !!!! (Archived)Tenacius66675/18/2012
Do skills have a cap? (Archived)Fayjit25/18/2012
Hate borrowing games. (Archived)Trey1death25/18/2012
Want to purchase but.... (Archived)sunburnedalbino55/18/2012
IGN review....Come on.....Seriously this game is pretty good (Archived)
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battle with the wildling with the skull face spoilers (Archived)GabrielFett45/18/2012
Interesting to see a 9/10 review (Archived)TXLonghorns65/18/2012
So if u like dragon age origins would u like this? (Archived)Jamesr18785/17/2012
How to do the riverspring tunnels puzzle? (Archived)yoyoyo33325/17/2012
Early thoughts after THREE chapters (slight spoilers) (Archived)
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So is this turn based? (Archived)designhero35/17/2012
Is the dialogue very choice driven? (Archived)
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Weapons Skills (Archived)Darth Venger35/17/2012
need to watch the tv series to play this game? (Archived)marskeiko25/17/2012
So what's the verdict? (Archived)
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Dr Whoopass345/17/2012
Love this game so far (Archived)zinsindetta35/16/2012
Ok, but how is the gameplay? (Archived)pothocket95/16/2012
People who think this looks awful but are buying it anyway... (Archived)
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