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wow, it's that bad... (Archived)Theodore60105/16/2012
My ones thoughts: (For people on the border of buying it) (Archived)Tenacius66635/16/2012
Terrible score from critics (Archived)RogerioFM55/16/2012
Art book has spoilers for the game. (Archived)stevelabny35/16/2012
So how many discs is it for the 360 version? (Archived)Teepo6445/16/2012
just got the game, didnt play yet but already impressed lol (Archived)Rod198445/16/2012
They should rename this game to... (Archived)TrigPalin45/16/2012
Should I watch the TV show first? (Archived)johnnycigar65/16/2012
Glad I ignored the reviews (Archived)Aenisha35/16/2012
Anybody else pre order and not get the art book? (Archived)MrSk845/16/2012
ha, i went into this with super low expectations. (Archived)Painesnewname25/16/2012
So are there.... (Archived)TrigPalin25/16/2012
As someone who has never read the books but loves the show, is the game worth it (Archived)favre4ever0515/16/2012
Ign review (Archived)
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The story is pretty good....But (Archived)slimg91435/15/2012
The graphics do look kind of sucky (Archived)
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how much replay value? how large is the world? (Archived)shads305545/15/2012
This game lacks one important thing... (Archived)MonkeyDLuffy75/15/2012
So is there much "screen tearing" on this version?? (Archived)yoyoyo333105/15/2012
RPGfan review paints a more realistic picture (Archived)
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