Tremor Potential? Geologists please reply, lol

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3 years ago#1
Anybody who has taken geology can see the potential in Tremor. Took that class last semester...and just wow.

Aside from the obvious earthquakes and Rock formation moves...Tremor also can control oil, magma, and other core related properties.

The fireballs most likely come from magma formation.

In Special Forces he use to clap to make the fireballs, I think he should do the same, as it makes sense that if he has some rock in his hand he'd be able to magmatize it into a lava ball of some sort.

I think if Tremor soes become DLC that should do a similar animation to that of scarlet when she stabs herself to make the blood ball, Tremor could pound his chest (you would see some rock crumbling from him) to get some stone debry and then clap it into a magma ball.

Other than that regular special moves would involve transforming his arms into rock arms (similar to those fan arts of him roaming around) and useing them to batter his opponents. (Maybe the recycles Green Lantern moves from MK vs DC).

Maybe a version of Noobs Black Hole, only making it a quick sand pit.

Something else he could, maybe for an x-ray, his bear hug his opoenet and Shake (like a tremor), you could see their ribs breaking and what have you...or maybe he grabs their skull and tremors.

As for fatalities I can think of many, but Something that stands out is Tremor erupting an oil geyser under neath his opponent, and as they are floating atop of it he uses his magmas to set it aflame. Or useing a giant quick sand trp tio suffocate his opponents...or even comically forming a gigantic boulder above his opponents head and then dropping it.

The idea's are endless. Tremor is a geologists wet dream, lol.
3 years ago#2
O.o wuuuuuuuht
3 years ago#3
Tremor has a ton of potential if he's fleshed out right. I was re-reading the art book that came with the Kollector's Edition, and they were saying how a new character takes up to 6 weeks to develop from start to finish.

I sure hope they re-imagine Tremor in MK10. I can fully understand why they had to resort to palette-swapping in the Vita version, but I'm excited that he finally came back to the MK universe after all these years.

Hey, it's not Tremors fault that Special Forces sucked so bad. He's been taking the heat ever since....guy needs a break.
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  3. Tremor Potential? Geologists please reply, lol

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