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Gold Nova and above = Anger?
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Breakout needs to endSuicide_Jester29/18 10:41PM
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Getting stuck on the Accept screen with less than 10 peoplextreemmasheen3k229/13 11:19AM
Coming back from 5-10 on Dust2 (losing as CT, initially) does not seem unusualxtreemmasheen3k249/12 5:47AM
Out of like 10-15 hrs of conp I've won 2 games
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Taking a day off...rdking9629/7 9:26PM
Is the loot from crates, loot from other people?seriouspancake49/7 12:07AM
It is done.
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Anybody have an extra CS: GO steamkey they wanna trade for something cheaper?MasterShot2k539/6 8:24PM
I wish cobblestone was more popular :(rdking9689/5 3:05PM
I'll admit it, I troll on competitive matches.Super_Thug4488/31 7:41AM
Whelp... well it's back.Kokuei0568/31 1:07AM
Why does this happen pretty much every day for me? (Archived)Tyrasibion48/29 2:29PM
Why doesn't this game have the "Lock and Load" and "Go! Go! Go!" expressions? (Archived)zzzSLICKzzz48/28 5:31PM
How does the market usually work for this game? (Archived)Chargers_3138/28 1:14AM
Mic works in lobby, not in game. Any fix? (Archived)iTz_SLammi28/24 7:39PM