So I thought people were exaggerating how good the Aug is.

#1EsumarkPosted 2/10/2014 10:19:53 PM
I was horribly wrong.
#2KhmerInceptionPosted 2/11/2014 2:59:29 PM
Hmm haven't tried it out yet. But I trust you guys. And I'm scurred. So I'm expecting Aug parties everywhere.
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#3derwakePosted 2/11/2014 3:17:03 PM
Ha, it's pretty much an auto sniper now
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#4Ryyaann_Is_BandPosted 2/12/2014 4:25:34 PM
Yeah, every map is CT sided now. If I don't spawn as CT first, I just leave the game since youre guaranteed a 16-4 game with +/- 2.
#5Suicide_JesterPosted 2/12/2014 10:43:42 PM
Well that was fun while it lasted. I feel bad for all those people that bought stattrak AUGs.
#6ToastyOnePosted 2/13/2014 3:40:30 AM
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