maybe I am understanding wrong but

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Well someone's in the animus the entire time, I wonder who she is... Unless Aveline is a complete construction of Abstergo which would be a bit disappointing...
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maybe shes an ancestor of that black haired chick that runs the animus for desmon (forgot her name)

Rebecca? nah can't be her. it's still my understanding that Aveline is completely made up(abstergo propaganda) Something that reinforced this idea(tho I admit it might be reaching) is that in her game she meets Connor but not the other way around. I looked at the wiki and it said she is also played by an assassin' like Desmond but I am more inclined to believe an article vs a wiki that can be changed. Especially since this is all new

Wait, I don't think she could be made up. Let Ubisoft to handle this.. It would disappointing imo.
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