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Benefits of the Unlockable Costumes? (Archived)manobon71/17/2013
Lost all purchased pistols... (Archived)nyte_blayde41/16/2013
Guide/Walkthrough Needed? (Archived)KADFC61/16/2013
Tree Ninja Trophy Glitched? (Archived)WildArm31/16/2013
overall (Archived)MaxP18871/16/2013
Best time to free roam? (Archived)bzep51/16/2013
IMPORTANT?! Notoriety level questions? (Archived)KillerzOverHere31/16/2013
invisible chests and vodoo dolls not appearing on map (Archived)jukita00781/16/2013
Any reward for full synch? (Archived)Ritalinfiend21/16/2013
language options for north american release? (Archived)closeworldopen21/15/2013
Is there free roam after finish game? (Archived)KillerzOverHere21/15/2013
if my gf starts a new game will it delete my old save? (Archived)GrAyFoX312k21/15/2013
Finding hints to his loot in N.O. in Bayou. Anyway to replay? (Archived)thesnoopmeister81/14/2013
Blocking with lady persona (Archived)Dragon_Irons21/14/2013
escort the smugglers to the river letter help. (Archived)AHeal200821/13/2013
trade in credit worth? (Archived)the1337zombie61/13/2013
How many ships can you have? (Archived)Dragon_Irons31/13/2013
i sent ship to havanhah it made it but not giveing me my money (Archived)dsrpgfreak200931/13/2013
Is mine glitched already? Traveling clothes..... (Archived)Dragon_Irons31/12/2013
how on earth do u get over to diary pages 2 and 21 according to map png (Archived)dsrpgfreak200921/12/2013
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