My Lvl 75 Rogue Gear Help :(

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3 years ago#1
hey guys i just got 75 on my rogue and have played through pit of trials but my gear sucks and cant really get further than round 15! i was wondering if anyone could help me in anyway to get some really good gear for my rogue and whats the best setup for a rogue?? (Stats and skills?)

thanks guys im willing to boost some low levels if i can in return?

3 years ago#2
if anyone can help me you could add my PSN and message me on there also please.


Thanks again guys!
3 years ago#3
The probability of getting better stuff isnt that big of a difference in the later rounds, while there can be a difference in stats in the later rounds it eventually stops. The higheset i've seen is 50 damage/armor more from lv75 equips in higher rounds than lowers (maybe more on the erratic weapons like warrior 2Hs). I noticed the stop in increase when i was getting gear weaker than my strongest when i was in mid 50 rounds.

As long as you are 75 you will have a chance at getting good stuff (including red weapons). Just play through the easy rounds a bunch of times till you get a good set then try again on going higher. Its just pretty much luck.

You really need to play keep away in the pit. Have some good MP recovery equips, a strong bow preferbly with slow/stun and fire. And some high def dex armors, Dont be afraid to put some points into Energy and endurance, you really only need 107 Base Dex to equip the highest level theif gear. If you do have trouble keeping your MP, dont be afraid to use your potions just for MP, if you solo you'll almost always have 5-10 potions lying on the ground from previous rounds boss kills. Most of the time you'll never use those in time before they vanish. Pretty much the number one cause of death in the pit is being swarmed by foes that kill you too fast to react with a potion.

Besides the obvious in skills (Avoid,speed, crit, haste, thief aresnal etc.) You'll want a point in dash, max poison darts (Your main attack for the pit), and some extra potion capacity cant hurt ( I sacrified 3 points from speed into potion capacity). If you get swarmed use dash to escape and/or mash the potion button (You REALLY need to get used to mashing the potion button when a swarm is too close in the pit becase there will be times where a group can kill you in a split second).

If you want to be a bit daring, you can try to max ambidexterous and put a few points into str, combine this with some good daggers and its possible you can take out bosses faster than with the bow and p.darts (Just memorize the boss patterns so you can get away if they are about to pull a deadly move such as the Bandit Prince's Spin Attack. I can take out most bosses in under 10 seconds by daggers usually without a scratch)
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