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3 years ago#1
I'm getting bored w/ my warrior build, I strictly play games solo, so I can't seem to get his level to rise beyond 38. It's slowly coming along to try to get him to level 39. Do you have to finish the game before you can build a different character ?. Does the game allow for separate character save files on a single memory card ?. I was going to start a new game w/ another character, but didn't want to accidently overwrite anything.
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3 years ago#2
Yes it allows different saves, i did it in the demo trying to figure out if there was a class i liked enough to buy the game. Also you can reset your stats to rebuild any character in towns, cause sometimes your build just wont be right for the next area or boss.

Don't understand why you are having trouble leveling. Just progress through the game killing everything, exploring the whole map, and doing sidequests and you can easily level through the whole game. Got to 75 in under 2 days as a rogue without touching the online (40 when completing the game in normal mode).
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