Any good lumines players out there?

#1NerdmeatPosted 2/26/2012 1:48:24 PM

I'm pretty good at the game but I'd like to get much better. My current high score is 1,800,000 about but I wanna go bigger, much bigger. If anyone want to talk strategy (I feel like I'm stuck at my skill level) or just have fun with score competes regardless of your level send me a FR. 

Current favorite skins: Bang Bang Bang, Rocket, 4am

#2tygp2386Posted 2/26/2012 3:13:41 PM
umm...whats your psn? My high score is around yours.
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#3Nerdmeat(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2012 7:31:36 PM

Nerdmeat, it's in my sig

#4YWPPosted 3/8/2012 8:27:13 PM

I just sent the friend request.  My sign is rustbelt000.  2.3 million so far.