Really Impressed with this game

#1TheNewWavePosted 4/6/2012 6:36:49 PM
I finally decided to get this game, and it is definitely worth it. I just passed the tutortial levels, so I am quite early in the game, but this game has surpassed my expectations greatly, and I was highly anticipating it.

I'm glad that the levels are gradually getting more difficult with some tricky areas, but I hope some of the later puzzles are absurdly complicated. I read that a number of people disliked the controls because they claim they're unresponsive, but I have yet to encounter this, and probably won't since they're patching controls Tuesday anyway. Overall, I would say this game is kind of like a touchscreen Oddworld with an old silent film art style.

By the way, this is a pointless thread that isn't attempting to accomplish anything at all. I just felt like writing my impressions for the sake of doing something.
#2spike17spiegelPosted 4/10/2012 10:55:29 PM
Glad you enjoying it. I too picked it about about a week ago, right after I heard about the DLC. Fun game for sure but it never really got that hard or complicated, for me at least.
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