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so i beat the game on hard mode (Archived)mustacheius13/21/2013
arcade mode? (Archived)mustacheius23/10/2013
wow, board's dead and not even a guide posted. (Archived)wh0_kn0ws12/21/2013
How long is this? My friend wants this or Deadlight, but wants it to last long. (Archived)
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Questions about difficulty and New Game+ (Archived)Berabouman21/5/2013
Is this the only game where the final boss is.. (Archived)flukkino21/3/2013
Think the price will go down? (Archived)mignoncurieux51/1/2013
need tips for the bullet hell section in stage 5, HARD difficulty *spoiler* (Archived)Iostars1012/28/2012
[SPOILER] Who else burst in laughter upon seeing the sub bosses... (Archived)loempiavreter212/26/2012
There is another ending (True Ending) !!!!!!!! (Archived)HumanlessGamer312/24/2012
On the fence?My Black Knight Sword Video Review (Archived)slasherthrasher212/19/2012
How to perform that downward slash ? (Archived)natchooo312/17/2012
new game+ (Archived)finalfantasy94812/17/2012
how hard is this game? (Archived)
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How to do powerful charged sword attack? (Archived)totalz312/16/2012
review complaints about awkward controls? (Archived)finalfantasy94412/16/2012
Suda51's perspective on G 'n' G? (Archived)flukkino312/16/2012
length (Archived)SamHoustonresid312/16/2012
Challenge mode mission 13 question (Archived)Thyrlian312/15/2012
what the bullet hell!? (Archived)Monistic_Turtle412/15/2012
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