Buzzing in audio?

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5 years ago#1
Anyone else getting a distinct buzz in the audio when they play? If you have it, it's not something you can miss at all. Makes it nearly unplayable because of how loud it is. I'm playing in 7.1 via HDMI, and it's definitely focused on the right side of the soundfield.
5 years ago#2
I don't hear any buzzing sound when i play it and yes I am using HDMI
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5 years ago#3
Yeah, I get an annoying buzzing sound, and using HDMI.

When I switched to component video for making several recordings, the buzzing goes away. I've tried multiple HDMI cables (from the very cheap to the "MONSTER").

1st Generation PS3 if that makes any difference.
5 years ago#4
I'm also getting it using HDMI. Mine sounds like it's just in the right rear speaker but it's very loud. I deleted the game & re-downloaded it, and it still did it. I haven't tried playing it yet because the noise is too annoying. How can you guys listen to that? Maybe the person who isn't getting the noise isn't using the HDMI with an HD receiver? Hopefully they'll patch it.
5 years ago#5
I tweeted Square Enix PR. Hopefully they know something. It's too loud to be playable and I don't like how it sounds coming from my speakers either. That crap is known to blow them out. I don't get it in the original arcade version though, just the update.
5 years ago#6
Same here, right rear speaker buzzing with game sounds only coming through the front speakers.
5 years ago#7

I contacted Square Enix support about this on August 31. They've acknowledged my email and assured me the matter has been "escalated", but I have heard nothing else for the past five days.

My setup: Samsung 55" UN55B8500 connected via HDMI to a Denon AVR-4810CI surround sound receiver, connected via HDMI to a PS3 Slim (Model CECH-2001A).

Would be interested to know if others experiencing this issue have the same model PS3.

As others have reported, this affects only the main game, not the included arcade version of the original Elevator Deluxe.

The noise is intolerable. It's too loud and I worry about it damaging my speakers. Interestingly, when I configure my receiver to not play the audio and to instead pass the audio to the TV, there is no buzzing when the sound plays through the TV's speakers.

Weird. I assume it is some HDCP-related defect.
5 years ago#8

I noticed that some of you mentioned you were hearing the noise when using your surround sound receiver. And, as I mentioned, I don't get the buzzing at all when I tell my received to pass the audio directly to the TV.

So that got me thinking: what if I disable my PS3's 7.1 channel audio? Short version: it worked.

So you have several options until this defect is patched:

1. Tell your receiver to pass the audio to the TV, and tolerate stereo sound through your TV's speakers.

2. Don't use HDMI.

3. In your PS3's XMB, go to [Sound Settings] -> [Audio Output Settings] -> [HDMI] -> [Manual] ->and DISABLE the three Linear PCM 7.1 Channel outputs. That solved the problem for me. Good luck! Let me know if this works for you.
5 years ago#9
Sorry. You only need to disable

Linear PCM 7.1 Ch. 48 kHz
Linear PCM 7.1 Ch. 96 kHz
Linear PCM 7.1 Ch.192 kHz

In other words, the last three channels in the list.
5 years ago#10
hardest-core posted...
Sorry. You only need to disable

Linear PCM 7.1 Ch. 48 kHz
Linear PCM 7.1 Ch. 96 kHz
Linear PCM 7.1 Ch.192 kHz

In other words, the last three channels in the list.

Thank you, I appreciate the work around.

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