It's like Dead Money, only worse

#1USTraficantPosted 3/21/2012 5:42:18 PM
I thought it would be a cold day in Bobby Kotick's office before anyone repeated the same mistakes that Obsidian made with the New Vegas DLC Dead Money, but I was wrong. The French developer VectorCell recently foisted on to the video game public Amy, a video game that is less fun and about as crappy as picking the corn out of turds in a bus station toilet.

It's an escort mission that punishes you with death for narrowly going off the rails, the player character is horribly weak, every character in the game is a gratingly cliched stereotype, key plot elements such as zombies, evil corporations, and psychic little girls are horribly overused, and the entire experience is without any redeeming value whatsoever. Let's not forget the horrible controls- I'd say Lana controls like a cow on skates, but that would only hold true if the cow had too much to drink and an advanced case of Lou Gehrig's disease.

If this game made a dollar for the developers, it's too much. If anyone involved with this product ever works on another videogame in the industry, it's an absolute shame. These people need to be blacklisted from ever working on anything related to video games again. It's the only way to be certain the contagion won't spread.

I called Microsoft and asked them for my MS points back on account of the game being terrible. A decision is pending.
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