Can someone please explain this game to me?

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4 years ago#1
I'm interested in this game and I like to encourage indi developers but I have zero knowledge regarding grid based dungeon crawler. Can someone please give me a brief explanation about this genre in general and this game in specific?
4 years ago#2
Well, let's start at the top.

"Dungeon Crawler" essentially means that you have a party of characters (in this case, a fixed size of 4) that you select when you start the game, assigning them classes, skillsets and starting stats (assuming you've played an RPG before, this should be self-explanatory). The goal is, after entering the dungeon at the top, you must reach the bottom alive using your party as a group to fight and pass puzzles and traps.

All movement is grid-based, and dungeons are made up of connected square tiles corresponding to that grid. If you move, you move your entire party one whole grid space, and same with all the enemies. Because everything is in real-time you need to be aware of your surroundings and where on the grid you can move, such as if you want to dodge an attack in a hallway you need to keep backing up whereas in a 3x3 room you can just sidestep.

You can also rearrange your characters; your party formation has two rows, front and back. Melee attacks will only work from the front line, but a character in the back will take less damage than a character in front.

There is also magic, and this is also handled in an old-school way, by combining runes into spells. So in order to cast a fireball, you would first have to know the "fireball" rune combination, then select those runes (still in real-time), and then finally cast it.

Finally you also have to adapt to the dungeon as you traverse it since you're typically given very little, and so you need to find sources of light, food, healing and armaments lying around the dungeon and manage them appropriately.
while(1) fork();
4 years ago#3
Thanks mate, you got me even more interested in this game.
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