Mage's ruined by stupidity

#11misterwugglesPosted 4/12/2012 3:56:41 PM
Okay, ragging on this dude over this is just plain elitest. While it's certainly true that there are a lot of things about games and gaming that have been watered down over the years, I can see absolutely nothing about saving your last used rune config that's going to turn this into an "lol xbox360 braindead noob" game.

It's a legitimate concern, and clicking 2x more often doesn't make you more of an old school pro. I might agree if this were a combat heavy game where something like this actually made an impact on the difficulty or perhaps if it were a mage-centric game where the rune system was interesting an engaging, but neither of those are the case. It would be something like changing melee to require you to right click your weapon, then right click the monster. Adds no real difficulty, requires no skill, and is generally unnecessary.
#12Shifter1178Posted 4/12/2012 3:58:28 PM(edited)
I do see your point on casting the same spell over and is a pain..and probably necessary.
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Maybe you should ask for your money back, that is, unless you pirated the game. In that case you have no right to gripe.
#14Omegatron_Posted 4/12/2012 4:01:21 PM
I can live w/o the quick save/quick load feature, but chain casting the same spell gets old fast. One thing that helps to alleviate this though is having nice slow weapons on your other characters. You should be able to get the cast off without delaying your other attacks.

Either way, I doubt we'll see a fix to this. :-/
#15DeusnocturnePosted 4/12/2012 4:33:47 PM
TC you do realize the point of this game is to harken back to the days of DM and EoB right? Its an updated homage to those classic dungeon crawls and they kept it similar it isn't an issue it's a design choice I'm so sorry clicking a couple extra times is so hard for you that you had to come cry to everyone here about it.
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You guys are missing the point, this way of casting spells is what makes combat tense. It would be bland otherwise, clicking on the same one button every time.... Try using different spells for variety and figure out different tactics to keep it fun instead of blaming the world.

With the way you think, what's next? Your main warrior is always attacking with the same weapon so maybe you would like an auto-attack feature implemented?

Between this and the topics about "what character should I make", "what stats should I up", "how do I wipe my a**", it's like you want to give up thinking altogether.

Also TC, it's pretty bold saying the devs are stupid when you seem unable to write 5 consecutive words without typo.
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#17dbouyaPosted 4/12/2012 4:39:38 PM
i think it would be nice if you could use the numpad or something to enter runes, I'm okay with things taking more actions to perform, but what I'm not okay with is those actions being unnecessarily cumbersome for no reason
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another issue with mages, a party with 4mages would be awful, a party of 4fighters or 4rogues would probably be fine...a party with 1mage is actually pretty good though as it stands, i can certainly see raging if someone got far into the game with more than 1mage and then realized their mistake
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The main advantage of spells in the game is that they can cause damage to more than one creature. For example the there is Ice Shards that hits any enemies two squares away. It will hit the creatures in the square in front of you, and the square behind that too. Also some spells can freeze, that can be helpful too.

Also it seems that if you fight stacked mobs, like the undead legionnaire (sometimes they come in groups of four). It seems (unconfirmed, just a guess based on the way the other combat mechanics work) that some spells will damage all four at the same time (so that is 4x damage).

Your right though, against single opponents the mages are at a disadvantage especially when it comes to DPS. You can use DOT spells and then just have them chill while you attack with your other party members, to compensate for this.
#20moyashi101Posted 4/12/2012 5:09:14 PM
Come to think of it... its not that bad. I play with two fighters, and TWO mages. Spell casting is a bit hectic, but doesn't break the game for me. If you only have one mage it should be a piece of cake.

A method I use is to que up spells and use hit and run tactics (seems to work well against most enemies). It works like this before I go into combat I will select the runes for the spells, but not cast the spell. Then when I attack I will hit the enemy with all four attacks (four simple clicks). Then I will retreat a square or two.... que up the spells, attack, repeat until the enemy is dead.