Is there any game that is similar to this?

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This particular subgenre of RPG, the step-based, first person PoV dungeon crawler, doesn't really have any random dungeon games in it - just that old D&D Dungeon Hack game.

That, whoever decided to get picky, is why we're not talking about random dungeon games much. Its rather difficult when there is only the one to speak of. So we provide all these other alternatives.

To the other person who spoke of this past decade .. sadly, if it was not apparent from my prvious reply, not for PC. Various consoles and handhelds have had step-based dungeon crawlers, but PC has only had the free-roaming ones.
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astmaattack posted...
But also has random generation?

It doesn't have random generation of dungeons, but after briefly skimming over this post and not seeing it mentioned, I felt it to be my duty to throw "Stonekeep" in there. The walls have a very similar feel...
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Are there any games like this that run on Windows 7? I read the first two pages and most of these games are from the 90s
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"Are there any games like this that run on Windows 7? I read the first two pages and most of these games are from the 90s"

First, check out - they sell old games fixed up to run on modern systems, for budget prices. They're a great company for keeping classic games readily and legally available. I'm not sure what other games they have available (they have to negotiate rights to distribute games from whoever owns the rights now, and it's not always easy to negotiate or even find out who to negotiate with), but they certainly have Stonekeep.

Second, a lot of older games can be made to run under DOSBox, a free program designed to let you run old DOS programs under a variety of operating systems, including modern versions of Windows. uses it for a lot of their releases, but it works with a variety of games that does not have as well.
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snoognz123 posted...
Astroshak posted...
For Random Dungeons, you are correct, only Dungeon Hack qualifies.

For other games of this type, random dungeons or not, Eye of the Beholder, the Bard's Tale Trilogy, Might and Magic 1-5, Wizardry series, Legend of Faerghail (lol, good luck finding this one), all fit this first person, dungeon explorer genre.

Similar games (as in, they are first person dungeon crawlers, but they are free-roaming, rather than step-based) are Might and Magic 6-9, The Elder Scrolls series (the first two have randomized optional dungeons, though the story dungeons are all pre-made), Arx Fatalis, Archangel, Gothic. For a sci-fi setting (aka post-apocalyptic) there is always the Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas pair. Typically, games in this particular subgenre are single character, though the Might and Magic games are party-based.

*****Forgot Ultima Underworld 1&2 and Stonekeep :)*****

Psycho_Poodle posted...
Beware, if you want to legally own Wizardry 8, you're looking a $50-60 on Amazon... for a used copy. Its unfortunate GOG and Steam haven't picked up Sirtech's work yet (and System Shock 2 grrrr....)

Its worth every penny, but its still a shame...

I'm hoping GOG gets it as they always do a great job of patching and fixing it to run on Win 7 machines. I'd hate to blow 50 bucks only not to be able to get it to work with DOSBox or something like that.

Stonekeep was mentioned on first page and the random dungeon question was answered on first page also so the rest of the time we've been suggesting other great cRPG from the past.
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King's Field 1,2 on PS1 and King's Field The Ancient City on PS2.
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I think everyone's repeating the same few games at this point...

There are PLENTY of games that are like LoG. Moreso: LoG is LIKE plenty of games that came before it.

IMHO, the Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder games are the MOST like LoG. LoG is pretty much a revamp of Dungeon Master, but there's enough Eye of the Beholder going on to make it also a fair comparison.

Other games mentioned here are still in the same realm... but still differ a bit compared to LoG.

As for the Random Dungeon Generation... i'm also at a loss, as Dungeon Hack is the only one i can really recall.

To be completely honest, IMHO, some of the old games stand up to the test of time... some don't. Personally, it's really hit or miss... i love Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2; don't dig 3. I love the first Dungeon Master; but not the second. Love lands of lore 1; but not the second. So, there are PLENTY of games like LoG... but just listing them is kind of only half the story...
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