You can play single player as Toorum

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3 years ago#1
Get the Friends with Toorum Achievement

Start a new game

Name character Toorum, then hit enter.

You now are playing as toorum.

He can move 2x as fast.

He starts with 8 armor, 5 axes, 5 earth magic.
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3 years ago#2
Yeah I saw that this morning on the gamebanshee site. Wonder what's new about it other then it's a solo run.
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3 years ago#3
I was going to post gamebanshee, but it's been down for like 2 hours...

Toorum has very high base stats (like 15-18) and moves 2x as fast...

I think that's it.

Tehre are no notes though.
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3 years ago#4
This is quite intriguing...

Friends with Toorum achievement? Is that just finding all his Notes?
3 years ago#5
Check my message detail for how to get it (edited post to avoid direct spoilers).
3 years ago#6
It's rough starting out with just one guy. Your acc starts way low. Some tips I came up with trying Toorum:
Don't invest in armor first, you already have light armor unlocked and you get LA that is better than the heavy armor you find early on.

Pumping your Axe skill will help the most until you can actually land most of your hits.

5 points in spellcasting so you can use cast Light and free up your torch hand seems nice, but hitting things early on is nicer. Don't rush into it.

Before you get an axe, throwing things might be more damaging than melee, because it's 100% accurate.

I'm at level 6 on easy mode playing just Toorum. Don't see the use of raising earth or fire, as you need reliable long term damage on just one guy.
3 years ago#7
Actually with his points in Earth Magic that would be all you need. Cast psn cloud and attacking people really fast almost seems like two characters.
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3 years ago#8
In order to keep mobs in poison cloud you would have to stand still and take damage that you could easily avoid by moving around.

Also, I wouldn't go past light armor in protection tree, if you wear heavy armor, you wont be able to carry much stuff at all. Get evasion as high as you can and use his Thunderstruck trait to just hit'n'run.
3 years ago#9
When soloing, melee attacks eat your mana like crazy, you have very little time to cast spells.

I beat it with Toorum. Heavy armor certainly does give you weight issues, but I didn't use 80% of the things I lugged around with me anyways. I got Lv50 axe and had about 100 attack / hit for about 350 on rampage. I kinda cheated and did easy mode. I tried doing hard, but the first few levels were long and boring, and I just wanted to speed through it.

Dodging by moving around is definitely the way to go, as you're fast enough for it and can focus on your weapon skills.
3 years ago#10
Do you get anything special from beating the game with Toorum? I played to around lvl 3 but got bored of doing the same old puzzles again.
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