Ths game needed more boss fights!

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3 years ago#1
My only proper complaint really.

Would have been great if at the end of each floor, there were a unique enemy boss, even if it were just a recolor based on the level (like a queen spider in level 3 for example). You could perhaps enter a 'boss' door which makes you enter a 3x3 room. Over-time (or as the boss takes damage) the room gets smaller until it's just a 1x2, meaning you're eventually forced to face the enemy head-on. Or maybe each boss had it's own unique mechanic similar to this. After each one, you obviously get some great loot!

Bosses are a part of RPGs so it's a shame there weren't more of them. Could have replaced the iron doors!

Hopefully user created content can accomplish these kinds of things.
3 years ago#2
There's the Ogre on lvl6. And the Mind Flayers in the Sanctum. Not really bosses since you fight more of them later but it's kind of a climactic fight when you first see them.
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3 years ago#3
Other than hit and run, I'm wondering how tactical these boss fights would be. Basically all you do in this game is click attack, barring the mages. So you're just wailing away at the boss, essentially. Unless there's some kind of "game" where you have to hit him during certain times, like when he's not guarding or something. Otherwise I don't see boss fights being any different than the typical mob fight.
3 years ago#4
What John_Dane said was right on the spot.

I can't imagine the boss fights being anymore dynamic than a regular encounter. It would just be like a regular monster with enormous amount of HP.

So it would just drag out or the boss would be too overpowering and impossible to defeat (if they were to have Area of Effect attacks and such).
3 years ago#5
Use your imagination. Could use levers and switches and stuff to create "puzzles" that would be required to defeat them. Could be fun.
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3 years ago#6
That could work. You'd definitely have to be creative, since the combat in this game is relatively lackluster and button-mashy.

I'm imagining a huge room. The boss is in the middle, doesn't move, just pivots. Keeps blasting at your party with fireballs and such. You have to dodge them, and all the while try to click 4 switches around the room. Meanwhile there are skeletons constantly spawning around the room. When all 4 switches are clicked, the boss is paralyzed, and you can move in for a few hits. Then the switches reset, and you start the process all over until he's dead.

Maybe when the boss is low health, he can summon spiders inside the room to get on your nerves even more. Heh.
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3 years ago#7
Simply because of how much people hate spiders in this game...

Spider boss that spits sticky venom on floor spots that does damage. also it hurls regular spiders at you.
3 years ago#8
With these ideas, I can't wait for the mods to start coming out. =)
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