This game good?

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3 years ago#1
High up on the message boards, game must be doing something right, should I buy it?
3 years ago#2
Do you know anything about it? Do you like the genre?

If you're new to the genre and you can get past older graphics, you can get a cheaper introduction by buying Lands of Lore from GOG. If you really need to have fancy graphics then Grimrock is really your only option, so use the video linked to decide.

If you're not new to the genre, this game is freaking fantastic. It doesn't innovate, it just modernises and polishes the genre up the wazoo. It might not be perfect, but its success is a breath of life for those who are fans of the genre.
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3 years ago#3
For what it is, it's good. However it is far from some sort of mind blowing experience or perfect game. It is clearly a throwback to older dungeon exploring games. The controls will take a while to get used to, the combat is barely animated at all and the scenery (from what I've played so far) is highly repetitive. However, it does have that sense of being in a dungeon, witless and trying to make it out. It's quite challenging, there's plenty of ways to build your team and everything seems smooth and solid overall. It's certainly not for everyone. I would recommend you check out some vids on youtube. Yoggcast did a couple of good ones for example.
3 years ago#4
High up on the message boards, game must be doing something right, should I buy it?

Being high up on the message boards just means it's new.

But yes, the game is very good. Not much replay value yet, as the dungeon is always the same, so there's no randomness.
But they're releasing a level editor, which will allow players to make their own dungeons (and share them).
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3 years ago#5
This is my first experience with a game of this style and I think it fantastic. It is very addictive. There are secrets everywhere and the puzzles are difficult but never impossible. They seem just right so far. I am on level 6 and I can't put it down. Get it.

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