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Weapon charge (Archived)Earth_Dijiin47/9/2012
Is my laptop capable of running this? (Archived)disco_inferno46/26/2012
Beginner to the game (Archived)DannyAIC66/15/2012
Is this anything like King's Field? (Archived)Lobotomy_Jack36/13/2012
Is the game turn based or real time? (Archived)Tha FrenchFry36/4/2012
So was there supposed to be an exit to the dungeon? *spoilers* (Archived)Whippet_basic36/4/2012
Tips and tricks thread (no spoilers) (Archived)
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Can my netbook run this? (Archived)Lobomoon35/30/2012
any point in upgrading your elemental mastery pass the point.. (Archived)OtakuGamera105/28/2012
Where are the Savegame files? (Archived)Huda25/28/2012
First playthrough, seeing where I'm at. (Archived)SirthOsiris45/20/2012
Just to make sure I got the story right (spoilers) (Archived)Awesomeone1255/18/2012
So how hard is Toorum mode? (Archived)Whippet_basic15/17/2012
Heavy Armor Is So Unappealing (Just a Small tip) *slight gear spoilers* (Archived)
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what would you tell a new comer player to this game to keep on playing? (Archived)
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This game is so similar to Stone Keep in 1995 by Interplay. (Archived)KeVeNz25/11/2012
Endless dinos? (Archived)
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Help On Lv9 Puzzle *Spoilers* (Archived)Ninjatsu FF845/9/2012
How many skill points by the end of the game? (Archived)xhan45/9/2012
Poison is BS. (Archived)Zack_Wilder65/9/2012
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