Ranked is free.

#1OrangemangerinePosted 3/8/2012 4:42:36 PM
So, last night, Zeta inspired me to set my stick on turbo, and go on ranked.

I placed a bunch of game cases on my stick and it "bot'd" joining ranked with Noel.

I went to sleep, when I woke up, I decided to leave it on and go to school.

I came back a half an hour ago and found that out of 223 matches, the pile of inanimate objects placed on top of a stick set to turbo won 27 games.

This isn't even Artificial Intelligence, this is just a bot that does DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD with Noel and nothing else.

Not only that, but I got 4 messages.

"noob" - Expected/10
"._.' >_>" - wat
"haha F**in cheeser" - Expected/10
"Friend Request" - ...? O_o

Netplay, I am disappoint.
#2IMASIANMANGPosted 3/8/2012 4:52:49 PM
People are just that bad nowadays.
#3toonstrick32Posted 3/8/2012 5:08:49 PM
I met that spamming Noel

Wait, did he/she have a Relius rating?
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#4NorseFTXPosted 3/8/2012 5:24:43 PM
You won 12% of your matches.

That means 12% of players on average are unable to surpass Noel DDDDDDDDDDD spam.

Calculating the confidence interval and standard error of the proportion:

Confidence interval = p +/- SE (Standard error)
SE = sqrt((p * (1 - p))/n)
= sqrt(( (27/223) * (1 - (27/223) ) )/ 223)
= 0.021845 --> SE = 2.18%

Therefore, within your sampling of 223 battles, we are 95% sure that the true proportion of people who cannot win against Noel DDDDDDDDDDD spam is between 9.9% and 14.3%.

Above 10% is quite sizeable.
#5WhatLifeDothPosted 3/8/2012 5:26:59 PM
That inanimate pile of objects sounds better then I am. Is it giving lessons?
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#6ZetachiDeQuesPosted 3/8/2012 5:27:59 PM
He is learning Relius at the same time as me. However, that isn't the point, 12% of the community in our test could not win against game cases on a controller. It is really lulzy and sad to think about, especially when some even gave hatemail.

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#7Orangemangerine(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2012 5:28:13 PM
toonstrick32 posted...
I met that spamming Noel

Wait, did he/she have a Relius rating?

Yes, it did.
#8DreikoSaMaPosted 3/8/2012 5:35:41 PM
I remember being in a room with someone who had a Tager spam D and he won like that.

Then it was my turn and I perfected him twice, then the host kicked me cause he noticed I knew how to combo or something...>_>.
#9Supah_AxelPosted 3/8/2012 5:40:15 PM
They could have had insane lag allowing them to maybe get one hit off before then being hit by Noel's more damaging attack.
#10PrismsbladePosted 3/8/2012 5:48:23 PM
Lol you only won 27 matches out 223 matches, most of which due to lag no doubt, and you thinks thats makes rank free...........sounds legit.
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