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Name of song on gallery? (Archived)dragon008529/3/2013
Didn't play Extend. Did I miss any story? *major spoilers please* (Archived)FellWolf39/3/2013
suggestions :for a different controller (Archived)MadDogMatt1339/2/2013
This is like the ultimate version of this game right? (Archived)FaustXII39/2/2013
99% Gallery Mode, Missing 2 Special CG Arts (Archived)Grimsley-San18/30/2013
Having a bit of trouble with Ragna's missions (Archived)mujiha48/29/2013
BlazBlue CSEX PSN Tournament (August 31, 2013 @ 3pm) (Archived)mastatokenfgc88/19/2013
Best songs of the Blazblue serie (Archived)The_Despair58/19/2013
Is Hakuman Identity not Obvious...? *SPOILERS*? (Archived)HaruKry58/18/2013
Options (Archived)blackman23238/17/2013
How do I defeat mu 12 on stylish mode? (Archived)XtsKezza28/12/2013
Challenge mode a good way to learn bnbs? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz48/12/2013
How do I do litchi astral finish on stylish mode (Archived)XtsKezza78/11/2013
The Learning Curve (Archived)mujiha38/10/2013
How do I unlock mu-12? (Archived)XtsKezza28/10/2013
Gallery- missing Story CG 2,3,4. And stuck at Lv. 18 (Archived)indie_animator48/9/2013
Characters like Naoto? (Archived)22whiterabbit2298/8/2013
Any info about the bonus stories? (Archived)Blade_Maker38/7/2013
just got the game which characters are beginner friendly? (Archived)
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The more I listen to Childish Killer.. (Archived)Dorami18/6/2013
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