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Getting better against AI (Archived)Toast413234/4/2013
Does anyone here really like playing as Rachel Alucard? (Archived)TalesOfStarOcea14/4/2013
finally bought the game, looking for people to play with (Archived)Video_Game_Czar24/3/2013
Should I get this game or wait for CP? (Archived)phalnx93/31/2013
anyone vs. platinum and Bang vs Relius (Archived)bigdom9323/26/2013
Hazama and Relius (Archived)bigdom9313/26/2013
still active?(on xbox) (Archived)BlueStar9353/25/2013
Why does Jin hate Noel? (Archived)bigdom9363/22/2013
Lambda's "Gag Reel" ending anything but funny (Archived)Yzzaga23/21/2013
Does online really have that many people with no bars? (Archived)Enyalb53/21/2013
Anyone up to playing some matches? (Archived)
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Tager's Circle Commands--Any tips? (Archived)Lao-ShanTux33/19/2013
Recorded this BlazBlue battle that I had. Lol. (Archived)AzurexNightmare63/19/2013
Continuum Shift Extend story modes? (Archived)kaydees23/6/2013
I frigging hate Tager (Archived)PHEEliNUX73/3/2013
This version of Awakening the Chaos for lobby music PLZ (Archived)kippty13/1/2013
BlazBlue movie sequel gets Whedon and five new cast members. (Archived)2Point5D42/28/2013
Jin's Kokuujin Yukikaze... (Archived)PHEEliNUX12/27/2013
Can't connect to friends but random matches aren't an issue (Archived)EpyonAC22/26/2013
Well.... I'm back foe some more training in BBCSE! (Archived)
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