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Buying an online pass? (Archived)Shockprowl04111/7 8:49PM
When charging two weapons... (Archived)ein_is_my_corgi111/1 4:23PM
Where do I host a match and invite friends in Gundam EXVS (Archived)Roska3019/30 9:20PM
I've been debating on getting this version or Full Boost (Archived)knightcloud29/8 5:13PM
Looking for gundam full boost players =) (Archived)trunkstheknight38/16 7:39PM
Help, how to play s god gundam (Archived)SuperManlyGoku27/20 12:22AM
Looking for boost buddy for 10 straight wins (Archived)Evesestz16/26/2014
Hathaway's Flash (Archived)GetOutDaWay36/15/2014
need help to boost 10 consecutive wins online trophy (Archived)Genzanin55/31/2014
Online pass question (Archived)icesickal45/24/2014
Looking For Someone to Boost 100 Wins With (Archived)Artor_Pendragon43/31/2014
Anyone here wanna boost? 10 wins trophy (Archived)Evesestz33/20/2014
Just bought this game... am I a plebian? (Archived)
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Custom BGM Q... (Archived)Shockprowl0422/27/2014
Premium Sound Code Help (Archived)EXPGaming32/16/2014
Videos of Playing as Bosses (Archived)OmegaNeuron32/15/2014
Favorite new suit(s) so far in Full Boost? (Archived)superange12862/11/2014
Asia or Japanese account? (Archived)technomage252/11/2014
Help with the tier 3 trial mission against kamikaze suits (zakus or goufs?) (Archived)xRyukenx32/7/2014
That gundam extravaganza v2 trial mission (Archived)swiftninjav272/6/2014
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