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My thoughts about Alice [Spoiler True Ending] (Archived)Suhadi_Sadono210/8 9:38AM
Who is in Kyle's body at the end? (Archived)BobMcMelon610/3 5:55PM
Clover and Esper powers (spoilers) (Archived)chronoalarm510/2 11:55AM
I know it's been talked about a bit, but Radical 6 problems (spoilers) (Archived)chronoalarm39/28 2:46PM
Quick Queston on K's ending (Archived)chronoalarm49/26 3:46PM
Stuck near the end of the game (spoiler) (Archived)Quantum_cat39/25 6:01AM
Archives dice game (Archived)Quantum_cat39/25 4:46AM
A few missing files... Help? (Spoilers) (Archived)soada7x19/24 2:29PM
Really? That was the Clover end? *Spoilers* (Archived)soada7x69/24 9:11AM
Flow chart help? (Archived)ss3goku3939/24 4:52AM
Deactivation Passwords *Major Endgame Spoilers* (Archived)lostcadence49/23 7:37PM
On sale next week in Europe (Archived)darksamus199279/21 6:19AM
Lawl 999 users say they own the game (Archived)Chrome7639/19 3:00PM
If Sigma sent us a text message *possible minor spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
manhamanha249/16 9:05PM
Crew Quarters - Gold File (Archived)dratsablive29/11 11:26AM
For people who are stuck on PEC with the game crash glitch (Archived)feenaflame19/7 9:32PM
Just got the Vita Version (Archived)TheKingOf-Kings19/6 8:36PM
Why is Sigma...(slight spoilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Annihilatorz169/6 1:40PM
Just beat 999 (Archived)ss3goku3939/6 1:33PM
First puzzle -- Can I only complete it in "easy" mode? (Archived)meejle79/3 1:56PM
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