So when is MP going to come out?

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3 years ago#1
I heard they are going to add MP in later this year, anyone have idea when exactly?
3 years ago#2
As far as I know from statements in various public addresses, the MP Beta should begin around 2 months after the game launches. Plus I believe it will be an open beta to those who have the game.
3 years ago#3
As soon as some form of hotseat multiplayer is implemented, there will be utterly no reason to play Civ 5, as this game does everything Civ V tried to do, but way better.

Hexes? Check.
Great graphics that scale well with hardware? Check.
Reinventing a classic formula? Check.

Soon as multiplayer's implemented, it will beat Civ 5 in every possible way. Yay for indie devs producing awesome @$&# that's leagues better than the crap the big developers and publishers lazily throw at us :D
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its completely normal as the class is EVERYWHERE" - Little Zardar
3 years ago#4
... Apart from crap diplomacy (OK so CiV diplomacy isn't great, but it beats the crap outta this...)

I love this game, but it lacks a little depth for my liking, there's nothing stopping you spamming cities, meaning it usually ends up as "he who has the most cities wins" - within reason, you need some space to grow :p

Also, it lacks focus, I'm currently playing on an XL map, and its HUGE, 6 additional worlds, and now I have an army going, about 30-40 fully upgraded, defended cities, it's just a slog capturing everywhere... I never go back to my old cities now, as there is nothing left to build, I have the most elite units.

CiV has something this game doesn't - long game structure - technology, more than 1/2 unit upgrades (as in, to new units)

I do love the equipment upgrades for units though :D
3 years ago#5
Yeah, it's pretty obvious this game wasn't yet finished, since there seem to be missing features, like the "building demolition mode" button, among other things. And some aspects are pretty bare bones, almost as if they were making a "casual" Facebook game or something.

It's a fun game, but I'd dare call it a beta. Just a sign of the times I guess. Lots of smaller companies pushing out unfinished games these days.
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  3. So when is MP going to come out?

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