Russ Young was a construction worker.

#1jaydigPosted 2/27/2013 7:29:09 AM
Russ Young woke up across the street from the bank. He checked his pockets, but couldn't find his glasses. Russ had crappy vision. He found an axe and dropped a few walkers. After a few hours, Russ had an apartment stocked with food and meds. During the day, he cleared out the remaining units in the apartment building. At night, he would cook up some salmon and enjoy a book or magazine. Russ was ahead of the game. Russ had shelter, weapons, and supplies. Russ was a survivor!

On Day 5, Russ noticed another survivor heading into the general store. Down the stairs, across the alley, and into the side door Russ followed. Leading with his shotgun, Russ lost sight of the other man in the store. The front door was open, so Russ slowly walked out front.

Russ walked out into a crowd of twenty-plus walkers. Several surrounded a fresh bloody mess on the pavement. Then they came at him. Two from the right, one from the left. Instead of running, Russ pulled that shotgun up to head level and let it fly. Three kills. Several more came at him. Russ panicked and ran back through the store and into the alley. He was scratched near the apartment door. Russ fired a slug into the head of the walker and closed the door. Barricade, meds, bandages, food, sleep.

Russ woke up at 6am. THUMP. He shouldn't have fired that shotgun. THUMP. Russ went downstairs. THUMP. He ate some chips. THUMP. Axe or shotgun? THUMP. The door smashed open and two walkers stumble in. Russ shot them both. THUMP. Two more. Four more. Russ took damage as he dodges them and runs outside.

Russ panicked. He was quickly surrounded by most of the herd from yesterday. It wasn't dramatic. It wasn't artistic. It was fast and painful.

For five days, Russ Young was a survivor. Then he made a mistake.