#1squarecom007Posted 3/1/2014 7:07:08 AM
never, in my life, have i had a game that fails so utterly before ever beggining. had to comb through forums and help for 2 days of troubleshooting only for this game to STILL not work. heres an idea. next time you release a game that i actually have to PAY MONEY FOR, make sure its going to work for everyone who is going to download. essentially paying you so that i can alpha your game apparantly. unless you are utterly desperate for a oldschool looking zombie game, avoid at all costs. especially the 15 dollar price tag cost.
"thats blatantly sexist!!!"
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#2CyberKnightPosted 3/8/2014 6:26:31 PM
Um.. it's called Early Access for a reason. Did you not read the disclaimer or see youtube videos of this game before buying it?
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