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5 years ago#1
I have 7 of the 11 legendary fish so far. Anyone that has found the last 4 please post!!!!
watch for the gold sparkle. it appears about every 15 minutes or so.

Lake Wylie
southeast corner by the spillway near the gates

Lake Guntersville
black crappie
down the channel south of the bridges. go in the narrow finger to the east before the buoyed area.

Lake Champlain
goto the northeast cove pass the buoys on the right

Lake Champlain
go towards the northeast cove just before the buoys

Oneida Lake
southeast corner of the lake. near the cement wall by the rocks

Pickwick Lake
smallmouth bass
southwest cove inside the buoyed area

Lake Toho
largemouth bass
south then east to the eastern most point in the buoyed area
5 years ago#2
"Ironsides" Legendary Striper, mine was 62 lbs.

In Lake Wylie, about halfway through the southwest finger of the lake. There is a large
school of Stripers there, I caught 6-7 in the 30 and 40lb range before I landed "Ironsides"
5 years ago#3
This doesnt have much to do with the fish locations but I just want to know where you fsh for smallmouth at lake wylie i am stuck on this lake and its bugging me because everytime i throw my bait in the water they just swim by it and when i do tournament none of the fish are where i marked the spots i would love a reply for this Please Help Me!!
5 years ago#4
small mouth bass in lake wylie:
go south around the finger at the starting point of the tournament and straight into the cove to the right. should be plenty of small mouth there
5 years ago#5
How far south do i go because if you go to far theres the 3 way intersection
5 years ago#6
I found the legendary spotted bass on lake guntersville. "WALDO" it is near the north bouys. From start head towards the dam but turn right instead of left. Head north to small cove on left side. When viewing fishfinder the cove is at the very top just left of center. Good luck, and Thanks Pumba65 for help. Let me know if you find the other 3.
5 years ago#7
Lake Wylie,its north of the 3 way on the right just below the 2nd peninsula
5 years ago#8
What bait did you use for WALDO? I see the gold sparkle in the lily pads but not catching anything
5 years ago#9
caught WALDO today!!!! only 2 left. Has anyone noticed if the gold sparkle on the water continues to show after you catch the legendary?
5 years ago#10
Thank you i finally beat that tournament thanks a lot!! Any tips for lake fork??

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