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5 years ago#21
I'd totally get P3 AGAIN if it's ported to Vita.
Hopefully I'd get to run around town w/ MShe this time.
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5 years ago#22
If The Answer had just been a built in part of the story anyway instead of the additional playable epilogue that it was, people probably wouldn't treat it the same way they do.

Almost every flaw that the Answer has, you could argue that Persona 4's True Ending has as well, only more disappointing for being shorter and easier.

It's an extra ending on top of one most would deem satisfying, you can't leave the one dungeon or do any outside activities, there's little additional story. All you can do is fight, shop and watch scenes that some people find annoying and pointless.

The only upside I see True Ending having over the Answer is that you get a Persona compendium.

It's additional story that doesn't do anything to take away from or ruin the rest of the games continuity and plot.
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