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5 years ago#1

The MC dies at the end of the game in a similar fashion as the P3MC.

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5 years ago#2
I'd actually be ok with that, because it would mean we can write P4:G out of continuity because we know he's alive in P4:U
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5 years ago#3
"Sigh, I busted my ass to make Yu a cool character and have all the chicks just to die at the end like the P3 MC *smh*"
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5 years ago#4
In the Bad endings it might be interesting.

For the Normal/True endings it would be extremely difficult to justify.
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5 years ago#5
I just don't want the main character to die a virgin. Especially when there are so many attractive females around.
5 years ago#6
Watch as P4MC rises in popularity for his selfless act thus rising past the ranks of P3MC.

Then watch as topics appear on this board discussing who had the more heroic death.

Honestly its been done before there is no need to repeat it.
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