What difficulty will you first play on?

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5 years ago#1
Safety to not stress out over your mistakes?

Normal if you want to play regularly with basic critical thinking.

Or are you like me and will choose Risky because although I don't want to, I fear there will be extra cutscenes/bosses that I'd miss if I don't beat the hardest mode -_-
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5 years ago#2
Easiest difficulty. I've already played Persona 4 on hard, and since I already know the story, I just want the difficulty where I can breeze through, and check out all the new stuff the game has to offer.
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5 years ago#3
Hardest mode for me. :)
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5 years ago#4
Normal. I kind of suck, but I'm too proud to use easy. >_>
5 years ago#5
Hardest mode possible, even though the game is easy as hell (if you know what to do) I still hope that they changed some of the things around.
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5 years ago#6
Anything lower than normal.

The game was nearly impossible the first time I played on normal, let alone a hard mode >_>
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5 years ago#7
normal to build up my compendium, then hardest the second time.
5 years ago#8
Hard. I've done normal already and I don't feel like going for insane (if it's in this game), so it's a good middle ground.
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5 years ago#9

From: Strain42 | #002
Easiest difficulty. I've already played Persona 4

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5 years ago#10
I honestly will go for the hardest difficulty, cause there's been plenty of times where I select hard and completely forget that I did until I beat a large portion of a game and actually need to look up help for a tough boss or something
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