Forgive my noobish question but...

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4 years ago#11
Have any of y'all ever played Lunar 2: Eternal Blue? I always wondered that same thing about Jean. Strain's explanation makes sense.
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4 years ago#12
There actually is type of Japanese fighting that primarily uses fans called tessenjutsu.

Well it seems there were a couple of different kinds of "war fan" made of iron or brass etc.

Gunsen were just a soldier's fan for fanning.

Tessen were fans where each end (or possibly the entire thing) was made of iron so it could be folded and used as a club or alternatively a club disguised as a folded fan (apparently some samurai used them when they couldn't carry their swords as the name suggests this was the kind used for tessenjutsu)

And the gunbai/dansen uchiwa (possibly also gunbai/gunpai uchiwa) which I think I've seen as part of a samurai's regalia which were flat paddle-shaped fan (uchiwa) rather than a folding one made of metal that was used for fanning and signalling and carried by generals.

And then there's
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4 years ago#13
It's just interesting that Yukiko fights with fans. It really suits her, graceful yet deadly.
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