Shin Megami Tensei IV 3DS to be announced

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PsychoDantis posted...
130k copies for a game which will have cost absolutely nothing to make is not bombing.

Strain42 posted...
For example, in the first year, Persona 4 sold 110,000 out of an expected 150,000. But Devil Survivor sold 40,000 out of an expected 25,000

Where're you guys getting these stats? A site like that would be mightily appreciated.

SazukeEX posted...

It has nothing to do with that. Those games are old, look outdated, and the comat system is just not as fun as P3 and P4 as far as new age gamers are concerned.

Lots of "retro" style games are doing pretty well nowadays, as far as the old and outdated thing goes. And there's plenty of fun to be had with the first person combat systems. Pokemon did something similar pretty well.

It's just a fact of life. I'm sure if someone gave you a choice between playing a shiny game that game out in your lifetime or an old clunky outdated game that came out before you were born you would play the shiny game.

And don't say you wouldn't because you know that you would be lying if you did.

That depends. Being new doesn't mean being better. There were good games released before I was born and there are vile games being released today.
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Where're you guys getting these stats? A site like that would be mightily appreciated.

Well I got mine from this Siliconera article.

I admit I dunno how accurate it is, so if anyone wants to question the legitimacy of it, do so without me :P

But I think it sounds about right.

I wish I knew of a site that just kept track of how well things sold in different regions. I'd also appreciate seeing a site like that
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I was looking at Apparently the stats are fairly accurate.
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The way that fairly is italicized makes me very leery.
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At the rate they're going, I wouldn't be surprised if P5 is a 3DS title as well. ^_^
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