theme song title/lyrics?

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4 years ago#1
I've scoured google to the best of my abilities and have found nothing. the a/c in my house is also broken so I won't lie, it could have impeded my ability to find it... so any help would be appreciated.
What is this sorcery?!?!?!
4 years ago#2
It's called Shadow World. DID NOBODY READ MY OST TOPICS? JEEZ.
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4 years ago#3
no, i didn't. first time on this board. but thanks ;)
What is this sorcery?!?!?!
4 years ago#4
I got this from Youtube but I believe it's accurate (credits: MegaPersonalover):

Truth is elusive, it's nowhere to be found
Yeah, the truth can never be written down
It's not in any magazine
You can't see it on your TV screen

Truth is evasive, oh, you might have the facts
Got it straight, you think, but then it all
Cracks wide open, you can search the world far and wide
The only truth that you can ever find

Is in another, soul that's got the same burning need
To find out what's 'neath the cover of
The one we'll meet without truth on it
So let's get together, see what we can uncover

One that defines your world
It's your truth, your life
One that excels
Special reminder
To get your way through
This Shadow world
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