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4 years ago#21
dethK10 posted...
It's too bad they couldn't license the likeness of some of the more mainstream, contemporary demons, like Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus. Get a little Western influence in there.

the Muppets. I call using Beaker and monster.

Monster use eat drums attack GO!

why dont we just add in rock bands while were at it.

Ozzy come forth!
4 years ago#22
Do you mean "Animal" instead of "Monster"? Honest mistake, though you should still be ridiculed for it.

Bands could work. I'm not a big KISS fan myself but it'd be a great way to bring back Fusion spells if you're holding all four members. Or fuse them into... Fred Durst?
4 years ago#23
ribbonmaker posted...
All Personae in the new Pierrot Arcana repertoire are new additions (but returning ones) like Gurr, Pale Rider, Loa, Take-Minakata, Baphomet, Kumbhanda, Chernobog, and Seiten Taisei.

Oh great. Mr. Pelvic-thrusting-jailer.
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4 years ago#24
Kouli posted...

you can tell most of them

Ehh...I've seen them in FES
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