persona 4: cater to the lowest common denominator edition

#1lol_whatPosted 6/18/2012 12:44:11 AM(edited)
- nerfing some of the only hard parts in the entire game
- nonsensical adachi slink
- new anime girl for people to touch themselves over that covers more fetishes
- new events where you're waifu outright says they want to **** you
- tons of sexy outfits for everybody, even if it makes zero sense for the characters to wear it
- it's not confirmed but the rumored new moves made me go wut more then once
- more to come, I'm sure

please don't encourage atlus to sell out even more then they did with P3PSP, the vita is a piece of poop anyway, thank you.

persona 4 fighting game looks fun atleast.

I also found out that the boss fights had a bunch of cut lines, it'd be cool if they added those back in.
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Persona 4 troll thread: I ran out of ideas edition
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Fourth_Bonkura posted...
Persona 4 troll thread: I ran out of ideas edition

And here we see an atlusdrone in it's natural state. Prove me wrong, bro.
#4Fourth_BonkuraPosted 6/18/2012 12:51:03 AM
I'm not your bro, buddy. Prove yourself right.
Nooooo, I'm fish
*cook myself* -Leo4999
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well, those are all factual new features in this version, and I know what 2+2 is and how atlus makes money
#6KinectricPosted 6/18/2012 12:57:12 AM
I don't think you really know what 2 + 2 is.
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I actually caught myself hating this as well, simply for being different. Let it go, dude, it's just a video game. I don't intend on buying it, but a lot of people here, and I say this nicely, don't care about buying pretty much the same game twice.
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And I bet they won't give us human teddie so we don't have to hear those ****ing footprints, the bastards
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So far Golden is a vast improvement over 4. Like, seriously, people who were fully aware they were going to buy it and were committed to it are being surprised by just how much more they're enjoying this playthrough over their PS2 playthroughs.

Must have done something right.

For the record, 'factual points' means just the facts. Not unnecessary pointless whatever slopped on top.
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I don't agree with you TC. I have seen Adachi & Marie S.Link, it is pretty interesting which could effect the story ending. It also have new epilogue which is really different from vanilla P4. I still appreciate the original P4, so this port sort like extended edition to their fans.
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