Party members while dungeon exploring...

#11WerzaquePosted 7/4/2012 8:06:04 PM
Dagger1087 posted...
Werzaque posted...
Party members converse with eachother only if you meet them in rooms inside dungeons. Some conversations that result from the MC pimping around are quite hilarious.

Oh yeah, I forgot about being able to find them in dungeon rooms. There were some great conversations, IIRC.

I just thought maybe they had changed it so you can talk to them individually this time, like in P3P. I know in P3, you couldn't at all because talking to them was how you changed their equipment. MAN that sucked.

You can talk to your party members individually in P4G just like in P3P, but IMO the conversations are pretty bland, with most of them being "I changed costumes blah" thing.
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