Step by Step on how to spell Narukami Yu on name screen on JPN ver of GOLDEN

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Can someone who is fluent in Japanese help me? and maybe owns a Japanese copy of Persona 4 The Golden also I would like to know if you type in the last name 1st or second cause I cannot figure it out! I just got my JPN edition of the game today and I would like some help.
I would like to start playing the game immediately but I just can't do it without knowing my Protagonist's name is Yu Narukami his original name and yes I am very picky with this stuff.

P.S. I've already tried Google Translate and Wikipedia and etc.
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You might run into the problem that they use different Kanji for that name to denote something special, but Google's answer seems quite reliable: 鳴神ゆ is what it gives me, and it translates it as Yu Narukami, which means it knows it's a name, so this is at least one correct answer.
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Sorry, but I can't see what you typed in Japanese it's displayed as symbols and numbers guess GameFAQs doesn't like :/
I just want to play the game I've also tried to type in his name in English but there's not enough space in the JPN version. Man I just want to get to the game play already... "T3T
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I'll whip up something when I get home from work if no one answers you by then.
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Narukami Yu is the name before the "/" on on the Japanese name part.

And yes, it's family name (last name) first, given name (first name) second.
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