This Game Get Better? (And Out Of AutoPilot?!)

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ms555 posted...
AlbionStayNight posted...
Is this your first ever RPG, TC?

My first JRPG

heres some tips, do whatever the tutorial tells you, and save ALL the time.(whenever you see a save point you save)

this is true for most if not all JRPG's.
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Aejaduka posted...
First boss is easy

Just Zio and guard when he himself is guarding.

Second boss, ignore the prince, and go all out on the dumb bird.

Third boss, THAT one is actually hard. and you actually need to come prepared.

After the third boss, everything else is pretty manageable.

ITP: The Shadow with a whip doesn't exist.

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I actually quite like leaving the other characters to their own devices (AI), though I would control Yukiko is well during boss fights (I just go to "Tactics" and change the settings there...
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Kinectric posted...
How the hell did you die to the first boss?

I died on very hard once because I used the wrong attack order... But after that I was like... NEVER AGAIN DAMNIT!!!!! Then Shadow Chie killed me thrice, the severe lack of EXP in Very Hard mode.... No wonder they call it "Risky". At any point in grinding you could be level 6 (like me) smack on a shadow and it turns out to be a beetle... Then said beetle one shots you for 150% of your total hp.
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